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About Us

DockWaters is your online one-stop shop to get freshly captured sea-food and grass-fed meat delivered right to your doorstep for immediate preparation. At DockWaters, we provide our customers with the luxury of getting pre-prepped sea-food and meat delivered straight to their kitchen without having to step foot in butcher shops that are quite so often plagued by un-hygienic conditions.

Utmost care is taken to ensure the fish or meat you get from us passes through stringent quality checks before being vacuum packed and temperature controlled on its way from our store to your kitchen. Rest assured, we go above and beyond to ensure you only get fresh, delicious meat and sea-food with all their original nutritional value and natural flavors intact.

The sea-food we procure is delivered to you on the very same day they are captured. Our livestock, on the other hand, is grass-fed and completely impervious to any anti-biotic residue or unsafe hormones for safe consumption.

We follow a D2C business model, wherein we deliver sea-food and meat, which is already cut, trimmed, peeled, fully cleaned and ready for your pan the moment it lands in your kitchen. The meat and sea-food is also sliced and cut in a multitude of sumptuous variants to serve a variety of different palettes.


To take advantage of the opportunity that the unique food system of our country provides in order to deliver completely organic, safe and ready-to-cook sea-food and meat products to a diverse base of consumers.


We constantly seek ingenious and intuitive ways to procure only the freshest sea-food and meat by virtually connecting our store to a plethora of dining tables across the country. Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our environment and animals while also serving countless hungry communities by making the process of cooking a tad-bit easier.